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Regatta Photo’s of the:


Photo's from 2004 Hobie 16 North American Championship


Mike Walker’s Photo page from the 2004 Hobie NAC’s



Canandaigua CMOR 2004:         Saturday    Sunday       Winners     (aka. Shark infested waters)

                                                                        A special thank you to Sue Bennett for taking all of the on-water photo’s


2004 Sacandaga Regatta: Saturday    Sunday       Winners


Rochester Ontario Open:  Saturday    Sunday       Obstacle    Winners     Mike Walker


Hobie Kenobie ’04:    Saturday    Sunday       Winners     On-Water


2004 Flying High at EYC:   Saturday    Sunday       Amy's Photographs  Amy’s committee boat photo’s, she has talent!!


2004 Regatta de Gatos:     Friday         Saturday    Sunday


2004 Madcatter:         Friday         Saturday    Sunday


Sailing Photo’s from 2003 are still on the site:  Sailing 2003 Pictures are Here



Other Stuff ……..


I take photos long the way when I travel on business and sometimes:  SIGNS & STUFF           Updated +6


Photo’s from a recent trip to Screaming Heads


Mike tried to lure me to the dark side:     Temptation         



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