So summer is here and that means sailing



Now I am still not very good at website production, so this is really about the pictures.


So bookmark this page as its hard to get back out of the photo’s


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I can get the red eye out … just not for 1800 pictures


In the mean time here are the summer pictures.


The shots include George (my dog) photo’s (of course) and other Pet friends


SacanDOGS                 George and Friends                      204 Paws



H20 & Tiger CC’s



CMOR 2003


Sacandaga Regatta



25th Ontario Open      Mike Walker's Rochester Pictures


Hobie Kenobie


Kingston Pictures


Etobicoke Pictures


MadCatter 27 Pictures





Bulletshot 1.5


Mike Walker’s Hobie 17/18 2003 Nationals Pictures




204 204 204



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